Myanmar's PE Welding Training School

Myanmar opens its first HDPE pipe welding school with assistance from Austrade & Australian manufacturer Worldpoly.

Butt welding usage and knowledge recently expanded significantly in Myanmar with the opening of the country’s first school devoted to welding HDPE pipe systems. Myanmar National and Local Government Authorities in conjunction with Austrade have developed the first HDPE Pipe Welding School with the assistance of Australian butt welding equipment manufacturer, Worldpoly.

The School opening was officiated by Mr. U Khant Nyien (Deputy Director of Naypytaw City Development Committee) and Mr Andrew Robb, Minister for Trade and Investment, Australia.

The School opens a new era for Myanmar, particularly for engineers and technicians from both government and the private sector to explore practical and correct welding procedures on HDPE pipe installation.

The Worldpoly/Authentic (Worldpoly’s local representative) HDPE Butt Welding School offers continuous training including theoretical and practical classes as well as workshop test welds.

Worldpoly is an Australian-based company that has successfully lead the polyethylene pipe and fittings industry for over 50 years. Leaders in the development and production of international standard PE pipe welding fusion equipment from 40 to 3000mm, 1 ½ to 120”, Worldpoly exports an Australian-engineered butt welding machine range to 105 countries worldwide. Worldpoly also manufactures an Australian-made high pressure range of butt welding equipment which is available internationally.