Corporate Policies

Authentic Group of Companies is following the laws of the Union of Myanmar. 

The followings are Code of Conduct and other policies which are used in the Group.

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1.  Code of Conduct  PDF (39 kb)

Human Resources Policies including Recruitment, Probation & Confirmation, Attendance, Leave, Wages and Compensation, Promotion,
Resignation & Termination policies, Responsibilities and duties of managers and other staff, Disciplinary Measures and Contributions  

 PDF (100 kb)
3.  Occupational Safety and Health Policy   PDF (558 kb)
4.  Charitable and Volunteering Policy  PDF (98 kb)
5.  Environmental Policy  PDF (473 kb)
6.  Sub-contractor HSE Checklist  PDF (21 kb)
7.  Drug & Alcohol Policy  PDF (112 kb)
8.  Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) Policy  PDF (142 kb)

Sub-contractor Selection Criteria

We selected our sub-contractor performance with their management system’s Policy & Strategic Objectives, track record, competency, hazard and management planning.  
The overall performance rating will be given as per the following and any comments and outstanding points noted by the auditor must be closed out by the subcontractor before the follow-up audit. 

Sub-Contractor Performance Rating
No. Description Average Range
1. Excellent: No Need Supervision 81% to 100%
2. Good: Need Less Supervision 61% to 80%
3. Acceptable: Need Supervision 41% to 60%
4. Needs Improvement 21% to 40%
5. Unsatisfactory 0% to 20%